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Natural Thai Whetstone | Binsui Sharpening Stone

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Get the best Thai Binsui natural whetstones from lime sandstone quarry. These high grit, fine sharpening stones are made in Thailand. with the stamp of Siam. 

  • Each order will be for a different stone than the pictured listing. No 2 stones will look the same.
  • Pictures are of sold out stone models. Upon purchase we can send pictures of our current supply.
  • 1000-3000+ high grit
  • Approximately 3- 4×9.5×1-3 inches
  • Free shipping in Thailand
  • Contact us for international orders. We'll send a custom invoice with exact shipping costs to your stated location. 


Thai honing stones are particularly celebrated for their ability to seamlessly sharpen hand-crafted carbon steel blades. They can reveal a blade's full potential and transform the sharpening process into a satisfying ritual. The highest quality stones from the limestone mines in Thailand are becoming more scarce - we are delighted to be able to offer these rare gems. Thai natural stones can only be used with water and must be kept away from frost. It's important to note that the stones may have slight inherent flaws and may differ slightly in size.

Please note that the stones may have slight natural imperfections and may vary somewhat in size and pattern stone grain. We can can try our best to get white or brownish orange stones based on availability. Please leave a note for your preference.

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