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Forged in Thailand

Siam Blades are handmade with attentive skill & hard work. In a mass produced, disposable world, Siam Blades is a product of 'one-off' culture. Where men still build, by their own hands, the tools they use to kill their meals.

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Built on Friendship

Siam Blades is a guild of Thailand's finest craftsmen, from legacy mastersmiths with over 300 years of combined ancient blacksmithing experience to the skilled backyard hobby knife makers using modern techniques  to complete one of a kind unique functional works of art. Each of our blades contains a unique story. Join us in discovering your blade's journey.

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Made to Last

Siam Blades are built to last future generations. Our finest builds are heirloom quality investment pieces, fully functional for every day usage. We also offer affordable bushcraft gear & tools that can take hardcore abuse in action, with formidable results. 

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Our Workshop

Inside Alpaca Wanghin 71 Night Market

Lat Phrao Wang Hin 71 

Lat Phrao, Bangkok, Thailand

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Welcome to Old Siam!

Welcome to Siam Blades. We'd like to invite you & your family to follow our cultural journey into the heart of Thailand. We've sourced the absolute highest quality of sustainable, handmade goods from Thailand's finest makers. This is their legacy...

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