We apologize for any delays due to COVID19 Closures. Our current production time on all made to order items is 3-6+ months plus shipping (1-3 months postal service delay).

Thai Blacksmiths & Knife Makers

Thailand's finest blacksmiths have been labouring under the intense, humid Thai heat for centuries. Their skills passed down from a previous generation of Master Blacksmiths. They work to survive, producing durable blades for use in the thick, dense Thai jungle, to the rice fields of the rural countryside. 


There is a strong sense of community within Thailand's Blacksmiths. While there are still a lot of self-taught men and women working in tiny villages and bamboo huts, there is a strong, vibrant community of like-minded Blade Makers. They feed off each others knowledge. They help one another to hone and perfect their individual craft. They push each other to be better Knife Makers, and to produce better blades. They order supplies together, build tools and work stations for each other and most important, they gather in fellowship and friendship.  

Our Blacksmiths featured on this website all have one goal. To provide the world with the finest blades ever seen. Their culture and lifestyle are etched into the finest details, from raw forge hammer marks, to intricate hand engraved patterns inspired by deep buddhist values.  All of our blades are hand crafted from scratch.  Raw materials are hand forged, hand carved and assembled with precision, to create the ultimate bushcraft blade for many various uses.

Handmade Axes, Hand Forged by Thai Blacksmiths. Custom Made Axes & Bushcraft Machetes.

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Welcome to Old Siam!

Welcome to Siam Blades!  COVID-19 UPDATE
Current Order Completion Time (backlog): Min 3-6 months up to 1+ year on select orders due to postal service delays (ready to ship items 1-3 months) Thai Post Delays: 
https://imgur.com/a/ndmAgZl We regret to inform you of shipping delays during COVID19 limitations/closures.
- Our family at Siam Blades appreciate all financial support by purchasing our products. Our blacksmiths are working from home & our families are in isolation. We will only be making 1 trip per month to ship all items as they are finished. We thank you for understanding.
- Due to the volatile nature of the current economy, we will not be offering refunds after 24 hours from point of purchase. Please do not purchase with us if you may ask for a refund later. 
All orders will be completed & shipped ASAP.

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