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Stingray Pommel Tang Bowie Knife

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This fighter bowie knife features a narrowing tang that screws into the threaded pommel. The knife can be deconstructed and taken apart, then fully assembled back into it's strong fighting form, without the need of any epoxy or glue. It's an advanced knife making maneuver, by Thailand's very best.

  • Total Length: 43.4cm
  • Blade Length: 29cm
  • Spine Thickness: ~6mm
  • Weight: 750 grams
  • Finish: Satin

    Specifications & design are subject to change based on maker's preference
  • SUP9 Steel
  • Dalbergia cochinchinensis, Thailand rosewoodSiamese rosewood (ThaiพะยูงPhayung)
  • Brass Pin
  • Solid Stainless steel Guard
  • Carved brass spacer
Knife maker hanging salt bath heat treated knife blanks in Thailand

Stingray Knives 

  • Name: Surasuk Roekon
  • Hometown: Surat Thani
  • Profession: Full time Knife maker
  • Heat treat method: Salt Bath
  • Loves: Knife making, EDC, Self-defence & Knife fighting. Camping. .

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