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Japanese Black Copper Hira Tanto

Siam Blades

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  • Overall Length: 15.5" (with Saya/Sheath) 

  • Unsheathed Length: 14.5" (9.5" Blade & 5" Handle) 

  • Blade Material: SK5 High Carbon Steel, Clay Harden Heat Treat

  • Blade Length : 9.5" 

  • Genuine Sting Ray Skin & Cord Wrap Handle (Sageo)

  • Buffalo Horn Tip, Bamboo Pin & Copper Menuki 

  • Copper Habaki

  • Rubber Tree Wood Saya Scabbard (Sheath) decorated with natural Urushi resin, Copper Cord Ring

Our Japanese Style Tanto Series has been a collaborated effort from Thailand's most talented bladesmiths. This gorgeous Japanese Design Tanto blade has been hand forged by Thai Blacksmith, Khun Poom. Khun Poom delivers an exceptional hand forged SK4 steel blade with traditional Japanese finishing touches. He skillfully moulded the steel to shape and then heat treated and polished the 3/4 hidden tang blade.

"Mr. A" (Khun Anucha) masterfully completed the fully disassembling handle work, using traditional Japanese techniques.  He hand forged and welded the Copper Habaki, and he uses genuine buffalo horn in several key features, unifying the blade to the Japanese Urushi resin coated handle with copper cord ring.  The fully disassembled handle uses a bamboo pin for extra strength and security. His artistic designs are highlighted in the Saya Scabbard, with Rubber Tree wood.

Together they have created a stunning piece of functional art. Japanese influenced, Thai Made, the crafting of a timeless piece that has a story to tell with every fixture and fine craftsmanship. This is truly a functional conversational piece that will last generations. 

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