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Gary's Knife

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  • Steel: Sup9, imported

  • Blade Length: 10" 

  • Handle Length: 5.3" 

  • Handle Material: Thai Padauk

  • Brass pins & lanyard pin

  • Blade Thickness: 8mm beveled spine

  • Blade Width: 2.2" 

  • Handmade leather sheath included 

  • Salt Bath Heat Treated 

Introducing Siam Blade's Competition Chopper of 2022.  Thailand's knife making community gathers several times annually to showcase their handmade competition chopper blades in open competition to field test their latest knives. This is the who's who of knife making in Thailand, and their blades are a testament to their skill & hard work.  Some of our highest end Choppers from various maker's have a 1-3 year wait due to their popularity. 

Siam Blades has partnered with a talented Bladesport athlete & knife maker, Khun Art. Art's brand of versatile bushcraft knives are not only beautiful but highly functional as deep jungle choppers.  Khun Art's knowledge of heat treat using salt bath methods makes an exceptionally strong blade for hard use.  It's the perfect balance with a tapered spine that allows it to be lightweight yet heavy hitting with an 8mm spine.  Every aspect of this blade is either hand forged or handmade, from the steel to the genuine leather sheath.

We have a 2-3 week wait time at the point of purchase on this blade. Purchasing this made to order blade starts the custom creation process, as no 2 blades will be identical.  Each blade is made new after point of purchase exactly for the customer, always in small batches. Purchase with confidence that we will work diligently bringing you an absolute beast of a blade.

As such, we've priced this high performance blade as our most affordable competition chopper yet. We want you to test it out and see for yourself how fun competitive knife cutting (bladesports) can be! 

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