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2022 RWL Drop Point Hunter Knife - Ready to ship

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RLW 4" Drop Point Hunter. EDC Knife. Vintage Pocket Knives. Bob Loveless style knife making. Every Day Carry Knife. Hand Made Neck Knife. Hand Forged Knives.

Blade Length: 3 7/8"

Tapered Thickness (0.60mm Thick/Thin!)

K110 Steel

"K110 is a cold work tool steel from Austria. Analogue K110 is better known as D2 tool steel. It is a dimensionally stable, high carbon, high-chromium (12%) steel. Particularly suitable for air hardening it also has good toughness. Due to its strength and durability, K110 has excellent characteristics for a blade. Although high in carbon, K110 is not easily oxidized and does not corrode.

Expertly Hardened to 59 Rockwell with Cryogenic Tempering"

G10 handle with Orange Liner

Satin finish #400 grit

SAE 304 Stainless Steel Guard & Pins

Handmade Leather Sheath Included 

Maker's Mark of Thai Authenticity

This blade was polished to a mirror finish. It has accumulated a few rust specks and streak marks or light small scratches. This product is sold as is, priced for the slight defects, which can be polished with some tender loving care and elbow grease.

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