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Our Knife Making Classes in Chiang Mai are now in Bangkok




Visiting Chiang Mai and looking for knife making classes?  Our Thai knife making classes are now located in Bangkok with our talented Thai Knife Maker, Jukdipong Maneerat of Vijin Custom Knives. Learn from the master the process while getting your hands dirty and bringing home your very own hand forged knife made in Thailand.

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Currently there is the opportunity to learn knife making with Jukdipong (Dom) Maneerat, a very loving and kind knife maker, very close to central Bangkok.  You can visit for a day to watch him at work and complete a 1-2 day crash course on how to make a knife from scratch.  While visiting his home workshop submerge yourself in authentic Thai culture.  Not only is Khun Dom a great knife maker, but he is also a very hospitable host!  

Accommodations are available locally.

Learn to make a Camp Knife from scratch or design a chef knife yourself, or with Dom's help.  He will assist you along the way and direct your next step. Dom is a great teacher for beginners or experienced knife makers. More complex designs will require more time and resources, such as competition choppers or axes.  Please contact us to discuss available options.

Unwind at night with some great Thai food, drinks & refreshments.

This is a unique opportunity to visit a Thai Blacksmith at his home shop.  Please take into consideration the overnight accommodations, the food provided and the materials and time used in the knife making process.

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