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Jukdipong Maneerat

Jukdipong Maneerat goes by the name Khun Dom because he looks like Vin Diesel and he's the fast & furious of Thai chef knife making. Jukdipong is a 
Thai Blacksmith & Knife Maker from Northern Bangkok, Thailand, a little sleepy village near Don Mueang Airport, well-known area for handmade cultural artisanal Thai crafts. Dom has been making knives for over 5 years and has also studied under one of Thailand's renowned Knife Makers, Che Americano. 

Jukdipong offers knife making classes at his workshop in Bangkok just north of Lat Phrao. A soldier in the Thai military in his spare time, he's is one of Thailand's premier artisanal knife makers, crafting one-of-a-kind custom knives handmade, using tools and machines he engineered out of pure ingenuity. 

Dom specializes in custom-made to order Chef Knives, Competition Choppers & Camp Knives. He uses Japanese High Carbon Steel as well as higher end imports but is not limited to W1 tool steel, 410ss, AEB-L, RWL34, 135cr3, SUP9, SK5. He's skilled in making san mai steel, as well as authentic Damascus steel using a variety of his preferred steels. Using local exotic wood native to Thailand, his handles are all carved & polished by hand with an expert eye in detailing, using Sathon (Millettia Pendula), Mai Chin Chang Rosewood (Dalbergia Oliveri), Mai Pradu & Burmese Blackwood to name a few tropical wood species as well as using buffalo horns and antler as handle accents. 

Dom is an expert in heat treatment for knives, as he's sourced proper high-end oils for knife making to use in his heat treat process. He is very knowledgeable in executing salt bath heat treat & cyro heat treat, as well as clay hardening tempering to produce fantastic natural hamons that he polishes by hand with high grit sandpaper & polishing techniques. He is a teacher to many students that stop by his workshop to learn under his tutelage. 

His classes range from offering instruction on how to make chef knives, camp knives, competition choppers or axes, for anyone travelling through Bangkok that wants to visit and learn how to make a Siam Blade from scratch.  He crafts beautiful blades from scratch while teaching students and guests his knowledgeable ways.  Classes are offered in Thai and the instructor utilizes apps to communicate while maintaining that affectionate smile we've come to know and love!

His works of hand-crafted functional art in the form of culinary tools speak for themselves...

If you'd like a hand-forged knife crafted by Jukdipong Maneerat, please contact us below to discuss specifications, as each blade is made to order according to customer specifications or Maker's Design. Check out Dom's collection of pre-order or ready-to-ship blades at Vijin Custom Knives Thailand

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