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Kin khao rue yang? ~ Have you eaten yet?

Welcome to Siam Blades, where we greet you with the same warmth as the friendly Thai phrase "Kin khao reu yang?" (Have you eaten yet?).

Embark on a remarkable customer service journey as we cater not only to your kitchen arsenal but also offer a diverse range of coffee accessories, versatile agricultural blades, bushcrafting gear, and sports equipment form martial arts gear to throwing tools. Share your desires, and our dedicated team will guide you to the perfect tools, ensuring we slice through any concerns or inquiries along the way.

Please email or contact us below with any questions or requests & we'll be happy to assist you. 

Custom Orders

Custom orders are available, depending on scope of the project & our current queue. Please reach out for any custom creations or collaborations. Designers are welcomed!

Bulk / Wholesale

Bulk orders and/or wholesale rates are available for higher quantities upon request.

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