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Thai Dhabs

Please be advised, that effective immediately, sales of swords on our site has been temporarily suspended until we can find a new payment processor. 

Please stand by for an update, or follow us on Facebook for more details. 

Siam Blades is home to the Hand Forged Traditional Thai blade, also know as a Dhaab or Dha. Expertly crafted by Master bladesmith, Ajarn Ko-Neaw Boontan, a blacksmith with over 50 years blade making experience including crafting blades for the Late King Rama IX. Traditionally used for Krabi-Krabong martial arts.  Fully functional, durable blade, great for collector's or beginners looking for an authentic Thai Dhab handmade in Thailand.

Own a piece of Rich Thai Culture with this Traditional Thai blade, called a Daab (dhab, dha, dhaab) in Thailand, or Dha in Southeast Asia. 

  • Hand Forged SK5 Japanese Steel

  • 100cm (~39") Overall Length (42" with sheath) 

  • 64cm (25.25") Blade Length

  • 3cm (1.25") Blade Width

  • 6mm Tapered Spine

  • 35.5cm (14") Handle Length

  • 2.5cm (1") Handle Width

  • ~1.26kg Overall Weight

  • Wire wrapped, rubber tree wood handle

  • Brass guard with Copper Habaki

  • Narrowing Pinned Tang, tacked to Brass Pommel

  • Handmade Rubber Wood Sheath with solid brass fittings & rope wrap

  • Handmade & Hand-dyed Thai Rope

  • Specifications are subject to change

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