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Mastersmith Ajarn Kor Neeow

The Dha, or Thai Daab, is a hand forged, lightweight sword home to South East Asia.  Long renowned as a warriors sword from ancient Asia. It's rich history is depicted everywhere from the walls of Angkor Wat to the fluid movements of Thai Krabi Krabong masters. The Thai Daab is endangered, it's been forged in humble shops with primitive tools for centuries. These traditional methods of smithing are slowly fading as older blacksmiths die without having passed on the skill to a new generation. Thanks to Mastersmith Ajarn Kor Neeow, the Thai Daab lives on.

Tucked behind a glowing gas station light, on a small dirt road in the suburbs of Lampang, labours the last tradional Daab sword makers of Thailand. Renowned as the best swordsmith in all of Thailand, thanks to over 50 years of swordsmithing experience from Ajarn Kor Neeow.  He forges imported high quality Japanese steel and has trained a team of craftsmen to finish the swords by hand, using ancient, traditional techniques. The ancient craft of swordsmithing the Thai Daab lives on through his work, his shop, and his apprentices.

Mastersmith Ajarn Kor Neeow was born during the reign of King Bhumibol Adulya, also know as King Rama IX. Kor Neeow's renown for amazing blades was so far reaching across the land, he was commissioned to make swords for the late King of Thailand.

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