Siam Recurved Bowie Knife - Siam Blades
Siam Recurved Bowie Knife - Siam Blades
Siam Recurved Bowie Knife - Siam Blades
Siam Recurved Bowie Knife - Siam Blades
Siam Recurved Bowie Knife - Siam Blades
Siam Recurved Bowie Knife - Siam Blades
Load image into Gallery viewer, Siam Recurved Bowie Knife - Siam Blades
Load image into Gallery viewer, Siam Recurved Bowie Knife - Siam Blades
Load image into Gallery viewer, Siam Recurved Bowie Knife - Siam Blades
Load image into Gallery viewer, Siam Recurved Bowie Knife - Siam Blades
Load image into Gallery viewer, Siam Recurved Bowie Knife - Siam Blades
Load image into Gallery viewer, Siam Recurved Bowie Knife - Siam Blades

Siam Recurved Bowie Knife

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  • STEEL: Sup9, imported

  • Blade Length: 9.1" 

  • Handle Length: 5.2" 

  • Handle Material: Red Tiger Padauk Heartwood

  • Brass pin & lanyard pin in Narrowing Tang

  • Brass cross guard

  • Blade Thickness: 7mm spine

  • Blade Width: 2.2" 

  • Handmade leather sheath included 

This blade is available, pending sale.  If sold out at the time of purchase, there is a 3-6 week wait time at the point of purchase on this blade. Purchasing this made to order blade starts the custom creation process, as no 2 blades will be identical.  Each blade is made new after point of purchase exactly for the customer, always in small batches. Purchase with confidence that we will work diligently bringing you an absolute beast of a blade.

Refund/Return Policy & Maker's Lifetime Guarantee

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Refund Policy

    We gladly accept refunds within 48 hours after purchase. A little buyer's remorse is ok! Once 48 hours have passed from the point of purchase, your money has been securely transferred and we will initiate the custom order. At this point, there will be no refunds granted on handmade custom orders, or any item that has already been shipped.

    Once 48 hours have passed, we will start the handmade process of creating your lifetime blade. This includes purchasing domestic & imported materials, paying labour costs to our skilled blacksmiths & craftsmen and completing your item according to our current queue of placed orders. Since our products are made by hand, this requires a lot of soulful labour with meticulous fine honing to complete each product.

    Once the handmade process has begun, we cannot offer a refund, as your money will be put towards the creation of your custom handmade item.

    As an aside, we have had a few orders where a client has agreed to a 1-6 month manufacturing time, only to back out in the final hour. This leaves us out of pocket and our talented workers not adequately compensated.  As such, we have a strict No Refund Policy after 48 hours from point of purchase.

    Return Policy

    Due to the custom nature of our products, we do not accept returns of any kind. Please purchase with confidence, that you will receive a lifetime product, handmade specifically for your order

    Maker's Lifetime Guarantee ensures that any defects on structural integrity will be replaced, free of charge, provided the maker is alive & well.

      1. Limited to Handmade Custom orders. Excludes mass manufactured items (Shopro/Ironclad axes, Tshirts/Apparel)
      2. Excludes abuse/usage depending on the situation 
      3. If you're custom wooden handle breaks on a handmade axe for example, we will gladly replace the wooden handle and rehang the head for you. Our steel is designed to last a lifetime, but in the event of an improperly hardened steel, we will replace that as well.
      4. Shipping costs are kindly asked to be covered by the client in both directions.
      5. Chipped blade edges and dull knives can be returned for a re-sharpen/re-profile at a nominal cost to cover labour expenses.
      6. Limited to Maker Availability and subject to current wait times & queues 

      Shipping Rates & Time, Current Queue Times & more

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      • Please check in with us if you are on a time constraint (purchasing as a gift) or if you need your item within a certain time frame. We are open for communication, and will try our best to communicate all wait times on any of our items.
      • Purchasing from Siam Blades is entering a contract with us that we are obliged to fulfill. We are working with many various Thai craftsmen that we have trusted over the years, as well as completing the work ourselves. We have always fulfilled every order that is commissioned by us, but our current backlog is subject to time of year, popularity of maker & current queue times. Some makers aren't as busy as others, while other makers are busy but have a reputable team in place to complete orders in a timely fashion. We strive to complete all orders in a timely fashion, pending life situations, weather and conditions out of our control (import of materials being delayed, postal service delays, national holidays, extreme weather, rain/heat). 
      • We are a family run business, and we work with local rural maker's throughout Thailand to create sustainable jobs and economy for local villages. We strive to honour your purchase by completing it in a timely fashion, or letting you know when to realistically expect receiving your order. 

      Exceptional Customer Service

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      As a family run business, we believe in providing exceptional customer service! We just had 2 wonderful babies, so please bare with us, as we handle our email & social media channels in house, usually with a baby in one hand and laptop or work order in the other.

      Please contact if you have any questions, concerns or inquiries about a future or existing order. We'll be happy to help! Please use +66 063-654-0600 for phone inquiries during listed Operational Hours only, or email for quicker responses.
      • Please keep in mind we run on Indochina Time (ICT) and Operational Hours are between the hours of 9AM-4PM (Bangkok Time).
      • We can be reached 24/7 via Email, responses are limited to 1-3 days midweek on average, depending on how busy we get. We are extremely busy with our main jobs Thursday-Sunday, but Monday-Wednesday is a great time to connect with us.


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      Why is my order taking so long!?

      - Please consult with our current queue times to get an estimate on how long each individual order currently takes to make. as well as current shipping data.  Since all our products are exceptionally handmade with attentive skill by our artisan Thai makers, we don't rush our artists when completing an order. We maintain constant communication between our makers & clients, to ensure a trustworthy and confident service.  Want some progress pics? Shoot us a quick email to get an update. 

      Why is Shipping taking forever!?? Looks like the package hasn't moved since it left Thailand! 

      - Since COVID started early 2020, we've been seeing the wildest, most insane delays to shipping that we've ever experienced. We sincerely apologize for these delays, that unfortunately are outside of our control once we ship. We do offer free shipping to compensate, with direct quotes available for faster shipping methods.

      - Once shipped, Thailand Post or DHL does an exceptional job ensuring our packages leave the country, en route the their destination. Usually within 3-7 days at time of shipping will each package leave Thailand, with updated notes. What we are experiencing to countries in North America, Europe & beyond, are that local postal services (except DHL) have been severely impacted by COVID and are facing intermittent delays.  For example, in USA, a package arrived 6 months after being shipped, with no tracking after it left Thailand, except for an update after it was delivered. Worst case we've seen since early 2020, was 6 month delays. Another shipment sent the same method the week after, arrived within 3 weeks as scheduled. It's really been hit or miss to certain areas, please investigate with your local service to see if they are facing delays.

      - Due to postal service delays ranging up to 6 months, we are investigating these cases when requested, and between 6-12 months is when we will start addressing and lost or returning shipments. Please allow us this time to recover the product in the event of returned or undeliverable packages.

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