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LEAGUE Pack of 4 Professional SHOPRO Axes | The Sport of Axe Throwing

Siam Blades

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This is the OG League Axe that started the Sport of Urban Axe Throwing! This is one of the most durable throwing axes in the business. Urban Axe Throwing took off with this standard “Shopro" Scout Axe as the main tool of the trade. This is the most used throwing axe within the sport, with over 250,000,000 axes thrown worldwide...sorta.

Since 2019, Shopro stopped selling these internationally due to freight logistics, making them sought over for those who prefer the elegance & style of the Shopro Axe. The iconic yellow gripped handle is a feature that set this axe out from the rest. Now the only place to find this axe anywhere online is at Siam Blades or The Sport of Axe Throwing (

A perfectly heat treated drop forged high carbon steel head endures hard abuse from rookie throwers, leaving a strong blade that can be sharpened, honed, grinded or rehung lest any handles break or sharp edges roll after a wayward chuck against a brick wall. 

Seasoned league veterans with Throw Better mantra can make a Shopro Axe last for years. The 1.5lbs steel axe head & 14" handle are the perfect weight and ideal size for axe throwing leagues. The genuine hickory handle is a fantastic durable wood with varying grain lines depending on the batch.


Meets the following Axe Throwing League Regulations:

Axe Specifications: 

  • 1.5lbs High carbon drop forged C45 steel head. 
  • Tempered and hardened to approximate 55-56 HRC
  • 14" Overall handle length.
  • Genuine Hickory wood handle, sealed.
  • Round axe head pin & wood wedge for tight epoxied fitted axe head.
  • Iconic yellow grip paint on bottom of handle for superior grip. 

NATF BATL Shopro Axe Throwing League Throwing Axe, National Axe Throwing Federation regulations axe specifications

Pic by & Reviewed by: Axeadelphia


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