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We source directly from our favourite Thai coffee farmers, with their own land of coffee & fruit farms.  Our beans offer sustainable trade between these hard working rural families living in the high-altitude hills of Chiang Mai & Doi Chang regions.  We've travelled the region in search of the best beans and have befriended some wonderful people roasting some of the most delicious coffee beans we've ever tasted! 

Our beans are painstakingly curated for everyone from the casual coffee drinker to the experienced coffee aficionado. 

Purchasing coffee from Siam Blades ensures fair trade with our farmer friends.  We pay them directly and they pluck the berries themselves, dry them in the sun, wash them with their own hands and roast them fresh upon ordering.  Our quality makers are constantly looking for quality coffee and you can trust that we've scoured the land of Thailand seeking the best damn beans in Thailand.  

Each bag purchased from us comes with a story.  Details about where it was grown, at what altitude, from which farm and by whom.  Our beans are handled with care, harvested by hard work and branded with wisdom of the entire Coffee story, seed to lips.

We can curate coffee beans in bulk, roasted or green, any commercial needs of all scale sizes.  It's a passion of ours to work with other coffee brands, sourcing the beans that will champion their brand.  We are that confident.

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Welcome to Old Siam!

Welcome to Siam Blades!  
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Thai Post Delays: we regret to inform you of shipping delays during COVID19.
- No refunds after 48 hours from point of purchase. Please do not purchase with us if you may ask for a refund later. 
All orders will be completed & shipped ASAP.

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