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COVID-19 Update April 17th - Open for Business - Siam Blades

COVID-19 Update April 17, 2021 - Open for Business



While most of Thailand is under an emergency decree, Siam Blades is still operational & open for business.

Our blacksmiths & craftspeople normally work from home shops, and while laid off from their main careers, have more dedicated time in their home shops to make their wonderful gear. Still, others have dedicated time to help out at local hospitals & outreaches as needed. Our main delays are coming from suppliers of imported materials from abroad, but these seem to be limited at best.

Due to an increase in orders that led to a backlog of our custom made to order blades, we've curated a collection of products that are ready to ship. You can find our Collections from Siam here: 

All of our made to order products now have a minimum 6-12 month lead time.  Since we work with various blacksmiths & makers, this lead time is for certain blades delayed by COVID19 and generally by popularity & how busy our makers are currently.  The good news, is that this applies to a few higher end customs. Most of our blades have a short 2-4 week lead time, while some are more 1-3 months and then longer orders 3-6+ months. We've tried to avoid selling blades that take longer to make than this, as we've encountered issues with clients wishing to wait that long. 

We've closed our custom books and removed items that otherwise occur lengthy delays to deal with our current books and clients.  Our books are now closed for custom orders until 2021, so we can focus on our current clients & orders.


Due to postal service delays around the world, we cannot ensure fast delivery at this time. Our apologies for any shipping delays out of our control.  

While more expensive services such as DHL are still offering express shipping, this is at an added cost. If needed, we can provide custom quotations based off current Express Shipping rates. 

We have confidently used Thailand Post for the past 4 years, with very minimal issues. Unfortunately, our preferred method of shipping with Thailand Post has limited services for the month of April & indefinitely.

Thailand Post now only offers Surface Shipping (By Sea Container). We are disappointed that this method has a broad 1-3 month estimated delivery date.  As such, we are now offer FREE SHIPPING on all orders. We've adjusted prices slightly to reflect this change.  So yes, while you will get free shipping when you select "Free Shipping" at checkout, it is a delayed postal service with delays up to 3 months.  We deeply apologize for this, and as stated, we can provide quotation on express shipping if desired. Feel free to send us an email to discuss. *Free shipping applies to ready to ship items and all custom orders. Free shipping is not eligible for bulk orders over 4 items, or on merchandise such as tshirts/apparel & at our discretion, based off overall weight of specific orders"

Lastly, we will only be making 1 or 2 monthly post office runs until Lockdown decrees are lifted for best Stay Home practices & social distancing. We will try to stagger shipments as they are finished and come in to the best of our ability. We thank you for understanding during this difficult time.

New Dedicated Customer Service Staff 

We deeply apologize for lack of communication on social media & email. We have neglected our main channels of chatting with our clients due to other responsibilities in our main careers.  In an unexpected turn of events, being COVID laid off has actually freed up our time to get back on track answering emails & providing customer service inquiries.  As such, we've hired a couple new staff to manage our customer service department!  We hope to get back to all inquiries as soon as possible.

- Due to the volatile nature of the current economy, we don't offer refunds after 24 hours from point of purchase. Please do not purchase with us if you may ask for a refund later. Purchasing with us is entering a contract in which we are obliged to fulfill your order at all costs. Immediately after you purchase, we start purchasing materials and commence labour on your project.  Trying to cancel last minute means our materials, time & labour are also cancelled and wasted, and this is unacceptable. Purchase with confidence that you will receive your completed order, pending our maker's current schedule.

All orders will be completed & shipped ASAP.

From our family & makers here in Thailand, we wish all our friends & clients safety & good health for the future.  We sincerely appreciate you visiting & supporting us! 

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