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Best Damn Gift Ideas for Dad on Father's Day

Best Damn Gift Ideas for Dad on Father's Day

Who makes the best blades in the world, Japanese or American? It's a Thai! 

Sorry, we had to get that bad Dad joke out of our system.

So you've got on your hands a "cool dad", whether that's a single mom or paternal father figure, it's what all the kids are raging about. Congratulations are in order as that is a rare breed of parent. It might be due to the awfully amazing dad jokes, or the cringe inducing dad sweaters, or the random outbursts of exclamation at the latest daily news. At any rate, your "old man" has damn good taste and if their more likely to turn to a quality tool, fine cigar or classic whiskey, you might be at odds with what to buy for them on this year's Father's Day. Fear not, we've compiled an awesome list of cool products from Siam Blades allowing you to switch it up this year and catch Dad off guard. There's still plenty of time left to shop but we offer no shipping guarantees to last minute shoppers.  Better spring for air express shipping just in case.  

Here are Siam Blades' best damn gift ideas for Dad on this year's Father's Day: 

Custom Hand Forged Chef Knives for Dad 

If your pops likes getting their hands dirty, they will love our handmade custom chef knives from a young & up-and-coming knife maker, Khun Wanchana of Wanchana Knives. Using imported exotic handle materials consisting of 
Arizona Ironwood, Ebony & Rosewood as well as eccentric stabilized wood burls, Our artisan chef knife maker Khun Wanchana forges beautiful San Mai steel blades using traditional Japanese chef knife styles as inspiration in his one of a kind bladed creations. Fully functional kitchen tools, with unbelievable until you see it embedded artwork from the handle to the tip.

Custom Japanese Chef Knives from Wanchana Knives Thailand Custom Chef Knife from Wanchana Knives Thailand

The messy yet rewarding hard work results in absolutely stunning custom chef knife creations that will leave your dad amazed at the intricacy and effort put into each blade. Since each blade is made to order, no 2 blades will ever be the same, ensuring your father figure has a heirloom quality chef knife that gets passed down to future generations. Make sure your lineage claim is more stable than the Lords of Westeros and you may one day inherit the finely crafted chef knife. On second thought, might as well buy a matching pair and include Mom into the loop.

Handmade Gyuto Japanese Chef Knives by Wanchana Knives
Or better yet, build your own custom chef knife by contacting our Design Team to plan out the perfect made-to-order chef knife for that DIY culinary expert in your family. Each custom order comes with a design drawing to frame yourselves or include with the awesome gift idea for Father's Day! 

Custom designed Japanese Chef Knives by Wanchana Siam blades Thailand
Custom Chef Knife from Wanchana Knives Thailand Custom Chef Knife from Wanchana Knives Thailand
Our Design Team will help you select the best available wood (in limited quantities, according to availability) & handle material to bundle with the custom made steel patterns whether it's intricate feather Damascus, San Mai forged sandwiched steel or polish-finished stainless steel. There are no shortages of ideas and possibilities when it comes to appeasing that father figure in your life, and we can leave them in awe every time they reach for their personal daily kitchen tool. Don't say we didn't warn you about using it without asking permission first! 

Custom Chef Knives Wanchana Knives in Thailand

Check out our available, ready-to-ship Chef Knives here: 

Classic Brass Knuckles 

If your dad is an expert in hand-to-hand combat, or at least likes to pretend that he is, then a solid pair of good old fashioned knuckle dusters might right be up dad's alley! Let's face it, Dad hasn't been able to take us ever since our 13th birthday when he pinned us down and wouldn't relent on the tickling. Ever since that knee to the broken rib, Dad's lost the upper hand.

Help Dad gain it back with these Brass Knuckles deemed "Paperweights" for international shipping purposes (we got you covered). We've fashioned solid brass knuckles utilizing the best imported materials. A pair of Moonless Brass Knuckles from Siam Blades is cut via CNC from solid brass or G10 on the inexpensive end of the shattered face spectrum. We also offer higher end Copper & Titanium Brass Knuckles if dad is looking to spice up his every day carry pockets. 

Brass knuckle dusters paperweight old school gift for dad

You can take the old man out of the gang, but you can't take the gangster out of the old man! Or something like that. Dad will certainly be packing a punch once he gets his hands on these fancy hand adornments. Please ensure local laws when importing brass knuckles, we are not responsible for legal issues that may arise for pocketing these iconic items. This product is made to order.

Bullet Proof Clipboard 

One brand new product that we have in development is the Titanium A4 Tactical Clip Board. Field tested from 20 meters out, this almost fully bulletproof clipboard boasts effectiveness against certain calibres; .22, .38 & .45, 9mm (hollow point) to name the ones we've tested.

The titanium steel, at 1.5-2mm thick, does a good job stopping bullets in their track.  We highly recommend testing this product yourself before deeming it to be fully bulletproof, as the prototype has had limited testing with only pistol firearms. Nonetheless, it's a super cool product and will deflect lower calibre handguns. Limited batches are available on a case by case basis, please inquire by contacting us.

Bullet proof tactical clipboard for self defense

The design comes from inspiration to have a sturdy self defense object readily available when shit hits the fan. Our Titanium A4 Tactical Clip Board is a great strategic everyday carry tool for carrying in messenger bags, backpacks or carrying anywhere in the city or on the job. This is a prototype, and we can take pre-orders if desired. Custom laser engraving of names & logos is available, as well as our own trusted logo if desired. Rest assured that Dad will be well protected when on the job site, or cruising down the hardware store on a mission with scribbled napkin project plans safely protected.

Bullet proof self defense clip board for dad

Siam Coffee Subscription 

If Dad is a huge coffee aficionado, then they will love our freshly roasted coffee beans that come from a single-origin, high altitude coffee farm in the hills of Doi Chang, Thailand. Our exclusive Thai Coffee Farmer is a father himself, and an expert coffee roaster with world renowned status in the Thai coffee industry. Every bean is grown in their high altitude mountainside hills, then hand picked and sun dried before being washed and processed, also by hand. Each bean is made with love and freshly roasted when made in small batches. It doesn't get more coffee snobbish than this! 

Coffee beans Sirinya Coffee farm Thailand  

The Siam Blades Coffee Subscription is a one time purchase of 4 200g bags of freshly roasted coffee beans. Each "subscription" resembles a monthly stock featuring 1-4 revolving tastes of various beans and processes by our expert coffee farmer, Khun Sirinya; including natural process, natural amarone process, red honey process, & anaerobic honey process. Custom roasts made fresh with each order feature mild roasts, city roasts or dark roasts. 

Siam Blades Sirinya Coffee Beans from Thailand

This product is offered seasonally and new processes or styles are subject to seasonal availability. Nonetheless, Dad is destined to have some of the best damn coffee beans in the world and he will surely never use a disposable small cup machine again. 

Thai Straight Razor 

If the past year has proved anything, it's that Dad needs a fresh shave to go with that pandemic beard.  Gift Dad his very own mirror finish Thai Straight Razor for when times get tough and barbershop appointments are scarce.  Fear not, our trusty Thai razor made out of stainless steel, featuring a hand polished mirror finish is exactly what Dad needs in the bathroom or when camping in the brush. 

Straight Razor Barber Shave

Whether it's every day shaving use, or saving it for a camping trip to be one with the wilderness, our Thai Straight Razor is every barber's dream.  A smooth opening mechanism with a curved hand-filed intricate spine flicks open a razor sharp edge that slices hairs with ease. 

Dad will look sharp as ever with a crisp razor shave the old fashioned way. Better gift a leather strop, some shaving cream, and some bandaids just in case.

Siam Blades Gift Card

If you're father is as stubborn as ours is, then nothing would work better than our Siam Blades Gift Cards. Allow Dad to order his dream blade or a hand crafted beauty from our entire SIam Blade's catalog, which will ensure he gets exactly what he likes. Rest assured that the entire process from ordering a speciality item hand crafted to the grand unboxing when the shipment arrives, will bring a smile to Dad's face.  Even better, feel confident he has a unique tool that he'll cherish, and heavily use for a lifetime.

Father's Day Gift Idea sale
Shop for Dad this June 20th Father's Day and get an automatic discount of 25% storewide.

Sale Starts June 20, 12:01AM & ends on June 20, 11:59PM EST. 

The last minute gift might be late, but at least Dad will be impressed how frugal you were with these epic savings! (This sale does not apply to gift cards or sale items)

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