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Chef Knives by Wanchana Knife - Siam Blades

Chef Knives by Wanchana Knife

Siam Blades Unveils New Line of Chef Knives


Wanchana Kanrangsee of Wanchana Knife joins the Siam Blades Community of Thai Knife Makers.

Siam Blades is proud to introduce Khun Wanchana from Kamphaeng Phet province, and his line of gorgeous chef knives.  Using exotic handle materials and imported high carbon steels, Wanchana skillfully recreates Japanese style masterpieces of functional bladed art.  Using the traditional hand forged San Mai forging technique, he recreates Japanese style blade shapes such as the gyuto, nakiri, usuba, yanagiba, deba & kamagata usuba, using a process of layered steels with a softer core but a hard, durable blade edge.

Ready To Ship

We have an introductory price on all Wanchana blades featured in this article. $300 USD, including free worldwide shipping. We'll tag a SOLD label when each blade sells, and then that knife becomes a custom made to order listing with 3-4 week queue time.

Khun Wanchana also excels at stock removal and grinding of pre-cut steels to complete more clean cut finished blades. His clay tempering heat treatment knowledge & salt bath quench techniques produces beautiful natural hamon patterns on his blades, revealed by the hand polished finish he perfects on each custom blade.

If you're looking for a more complex design, Khun Wunchana makes several models with varying features, such as including integral guards into the forging proces, allowing for a stronger gripped & more durable handle construction, The handles of the Wanchana Knife brand are ergonomically shaped for the busy chef utilizing these sharp tools on a daily basis while performing their culinary duties. These are the signs of a true master of his craft.

Such elegant beauty thanks for locally sourced exotic hardwoods & stabilized burlwood, as well as imported materials for spaces & liners such as G10 & Micarta handle material. Select blades also feature local buffalo horn sourced ethically here in Thailand. With stunning patterns of swirling wood grains & colours, or intricate stabilized & epoxied handmade scales, the crafty blade geometry is attached firmly & cleanly to these stunning handle materials.

Each blade stamped with Wanchana's iconic Maker's Mark Signature, is a one of a kind masterpiece. Purchase any of these ready to ship chef knives, or have a custom one made from scratch using similar materials and craftsmanship techniques. The true testament to a maker's craft is skillfully improving with each new project, while maintaining the original blades uniqueness. As such, no two blades are ever completely identical as the entire process from forging to heat treat & tempering produces a new pattern of wood grain & polished steel completely unique in it's own right. 

List of Wanchana Chef Knives Currently Available: 



Price: $300 USD

Free Surface (Sea) Shipping (approx. 1-3 months arrival). Upgrade to EMS AIR (1-2 Weeks) & DHL (3-5 Day available at additional costs.


 Available, listing coming soon


Available, listing coming soon


Available, listing coming soon


Available, listing coming soon


Available, listing coming soon


Available, listing coming soon


Available, listing coming soon



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