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FMD18: Battle for the Welterweight Sword of Bangkok - Siam Blades

FMD18: Battle for the Welterweight Sword of Bangkok

Full Metal Dojo in Bangkok Thailand


FMD MAYHEM: Full Metal Dojo's Welterweight Champion wields Siam Blades' Traditional Krabi Krabong Dhab Sword

On any given night in Bangkok, you will find a fury of Muay Thai fights scattered across the urban jungle. From Lumpinee Stadium to MBK, authentic Muay Thai action was in full swing pre-pandemic.  While MMA events are scarce in Thailand, Full Metal Dojo fills the void with their iconic take on how an MMA event should be promoted.

Back in March, local iconic fight promoter, FMD's showman Jon Nutt, in the spirit of Dolemite, aimed to blend the world of Thailand's Muay Thai with the world of Mixed Martial Arts. The result; an epic evening of MMA carnage, bikini babes & beautiful ring girls - it was Full Metal Mayhem! 



FMD 18: "Bangkoxploitation"

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Full Metal Dojo's 18th event featured a Welterweight main event with veteran FMD bad ass Javier Trujillo facing off against FMD new comer Daniel Kerr from New Zealand. Javier Trujillo is known in Bangkok for his impressive 5-1 FMD record featuring a vicious 5-second knock out of Ryan Feltner at FMD 13. These warriors were set to battle for the Welterweight Sword of Bangkok.

Prior to the main card, FMD kicked off the night with some heavy hitting action known only as FULL METAL MAYHEM.  It's FMD's hybrid version of Muay Thai with a mix of MMA. These Muay Thai bouts have the fighters wear MMA gloves, and soccer kicks to the head are legal, as is the norm in FMD MMA rules. The 2 quick-paced, non-stop action matches that proceeded were instant crowd favourites. A fury of punches, kicks to the head & deadly elbow strikes produced 2 insane bloody knockouts to kick off the main card, to the chorus of rowdy cheers from the growing crowd of fight fans.

The main card featured 7 bouts of MMA action, culminating in the main event - dubbed as the "Battle for the Welterweight Sword of Bangkok."  That's right, Full Metal Dojo doesn't do the conventional title belts. In true epic form, they offer a Championship Sword to the winner of their main event. 


In the main event of the evening, Javier Trujillo decimated Daniel Kerr in what was described as finished "in a blink of an eye."  Within mere seconds, Trujillo sent Daniel Kerr to the mat with a fury of punches and grappling that set up Trujillo for a submission victory in impressive fashion.  

Just as quick as it got started, it was over in a flash with Javier Trujillo emerging victorious and winner of the Welterweight Sword of Bangkok. 

The Champion spent more time in the ring taking pictures with fans, then he did actually fighting, thanks to his skillset and power. That's how this champion rolls.  He just doesn't set the pace...he is the pace!  



Full metal dojo in bangkok welterweight sword by Siam Blades

With the Champion's Prize sponsored by Siam Blades, Full Metal Dojo offered it's Welterweight Champion an epic hand forged traditional Krabi-Krabong Thai Dhab as his bounty.  FMD doesn't do title belts, instead, they give out Championship Swords!  And in true warrior spirit, Champion Javier Trujillo wields it like he was destined for it.

The hand forged Thai sword, often called Dha or Dhab in Thai language, was hand forged by Ajarn Kor Neeow, dubbed "the last traditional Dha sword maker in South East Asia" as featured in Roads & Kingdoms "The Last Days of An Ancient Sword"

Traditional Thai Krabi Krabong Sword Dha Dhaab Dhab
While the Champion Javier Trujillo scored FMD's Welterweight Sword of Bangkok in his impressive victory, you too can own your own hand forged traditional Thai sword.

This Champion's Sword features high carbon steel & solid brass and copper fittings, handmade by a talented blacksmith with over 50 years experience, including crafting fine swords for the Late King of Thailand Rama IX. 

Thai Sword Handmade



Full Metal Dojo MMA Events Bangkok Thailand


Full Metal Dojo is a tour de force in Bangkok's MMA fight scene, one of the only MMA promotions in Thailand offering monthly fights throughout the year.  They host their fights inside a nightclub on Sukhumvit 11, in the heart of the entertainment district of Bangkok.

Mere hours before nightclub goers appear, FMD puts on an epic lineup of MMA & Full Metal Mayhem fights with the world's most beautiful ring girls, usually with a hilarious if not controversial theme to promote the event.  The venue offers VIP tables of bottle service available at ringside, and standing room in front of the cage. Bottle service booths surround the octagon with VIP sections for sponsors & well-off patrons.  This event of course, is merely the pre-drink to the rest of an epic night out in Bangkok.

Unfortunately, FMD19 was put on hold until after the pandemic restrictions lift in Bangkok, so keep your eye & ears peeled for their next fight night announcement!

Full Metal Dojo girls in Bangkok Thailand

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