Traditional Thai Dha Sword (Dhaab)

Product image 1Traditional Thai Sword (Dhaab) Hand Forged Knives - Blacksmith Handmade Axes, Siam Blades  Old Block Blades
Product image 2Traditional Thai Dha Sword (Dhaab) - Siam Blades
Product image 3Traditional Thai Sword (Dhaab) Hand Forged Knives - Blacksmith Handmade Axes, Siam Blades  Old Block Blades
Product image 4Traditional Thai Dha Sword (Dhaab) - Siam Blades
Product image 5Traditional Thai Sword (Dhaab) Hand Forged Knives - Blacksmith Handmade Axes, Siam Blades  Old Block Blades
Product image 6Traditional Thai Dha Sword (Dhaab) - Siam Blades
Product image 7Traditional Thai Sword (Dhaab) Hand Forged Knives - Blacksmith Handmade Axes, Siam Blades  Old Block Blades
Product image 8Traditional Thai Dha Sword (Dhaab) - Siam Blades
Product image 9Traditional Thai Dha Sword (Dhaab) - Siam Blades
Product image 10Traditional Thai Dha Sword (Dhaab) - Siam Blades
Product image 11Traditional Thai Dha Sword (Dhaab) - Siam Blades
Product image 12Traditional Thai Sword (Dhaab) Hand Forged Knives - Blacksmith Handmade Axes, Siam Blades  Old Block Blades
Product image 13Traditional Thai Dha Sword (Dhaab) - Siam Blades
Product image 14Traditional Thai Dha Sword (Dhaab) - Siam Blades
Product image 15Traditional Thai Dha Sword (Dhaab) - Siam Blades
Product image 16Traditional Thai Dha Sword (Dhaab) - Siam Blades
Product image 17Traditional Thai Dha Sword (Dhaab) - Siam Blades
Product image 18Traditional Thai Dha Sword (Dhaab) - Siam Blades
Product image 19Traditional Thai Dha Sword (Dhaab) - Siam Blades
Product image 20Traditional Thai Dha Sword (Dhaab) - Siam Blades
Product image 21Traditional Thai Dha Sword (Dhaab) - Siam Blades
Product image 22Traditional Thai Dha Sword (Dhaab) - Siam Blades

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  • Hand Forged SK5 Japanese Steel

  • 100cm (~39") Overall Length (42" with sheath) 

  • 64cm (25.25") Blade Length

  • 3cm (1.25") Blade Width

  • 6mm Tapered Spine

  • 35.5cm (14") Handle Length

  • 2.5cm (1") Handle Width

  • ~1.26kg Overall Weight

  • Wire wrapped, rubber tree wood handle

  • Brass guard with Copper Habaki

  • Narrowing Pinned Tang, tacked to Brass Pommel

  • Handmade Rubber Wood Sheath with solid brass fittings & rope wrap

  • Handmade & Hand-dyed Thai Rope

Handmade Traditional Thai Dha or Daab. Ancient Burmese Inspired Military Sword. Krabi Krabong Martial Arts Traditional Sword. Southeast Asia Swords. Cool & unique Katana Thai Style habaki.

Hand Forged Traditional Thai Sword, also know as a Dhaab or Dha. Expertly crafted by Master Swordsmith, Ajarn Ko-Neaw Boontan, a blacksmith with over 50 years sword making experience. Traditionally used for Krabi-Krabong martial arts.  Fully functional, durable sword, great for collector's or beginners looking for an authentic Thai Dhab handmade in Thailand.

Own a piece of Rich Thai Culture with this Traditional Thai Sword, called a Daab (dhaab) in Thailand, or Dha in Southeast Asia.

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      Wilson S.
      Great blade.

      Purchased this thai sword in 2017 and it's still held it's original form. It's used for decoration but it came sharp and functional. Well made blade and great service. Took a few weeks to get here but it was worth the wait from Thailand.

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