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N695 Steel: A Detailed Guide to Its Uses, Composition, and Top Picks

N695 Steel: A Detailed Guide to Its Uses, Composition, and Top Picks

N695 Steel: An Essential Guide

N695 is a stainless steel produced by Bohler, widely used in various types of survival knives and fixed blades. It's considered a softer steel compared to many other high-end steels. This steel is often seen as comparable to VG-10, with N695 representing an improved version of 440C.

High-quality blades with this steel are typically found from renowned manufacturers such as Thailand's very talented Bak Nut Knife Maker, Tharadol P.W, who brings out the best in it with superior heat-treatment processes. In terms of quality, N695 is rated as upper mid-range carbon steel.

High-Quality Steel Imported to Thailand

The Bohler N695 Steel that Thai knife makers use is imported to Thailand from abroad as our artisans are always finding the best most modern steels to use in their manufacturing process. Taking from the overall knowledge of the knife-making community worldwide, Thai knife makers are committed to getting the best steel for the task at hand. They recognize the essential characteristics that make N695 a suitable choice, balancing cost, performance, and availability. Their dedication to quality ensures that each blade crafted meets high standards, and this international collaboration reflects the dynamic and evolving nature of the craft. By embracing global advancements and locally honed skills, Thai knife makers continue to contribute to the rich tradition of blade crafting, pushing boundaries, and creating knives that are both functional and artistic.

Common Uses & Pros and Cons for N695 Steel

Among all the steel options for blades out there, N695 is a popular choice for those seeking a great high-quality knife steel. Its most common applications include camping or hunting blades, where N695 steel can withstand all-purpose use, making it a great pick for bushcraft survival and hiking.

Many blade enthusiasts also opt for N695 for its cost-efficiency. It's a quality option, providing a more premium experience than cheaper alternatives around the $40 and under range. However, N695 doesn't quite match the edge retention of higher-quality steels. If you're seeking something more premium, like M390, it may be a better option. N695 is a bit harder than most others, making sharpening more challenging, yet allowing a sharper edge to be maintained longer.

Common Uses:

  • Camping tool
  • Outdoor/survival knives
  • Hunting/fishing blades
  • Fixed blades

Pros and Cons:

  • + High hardness
  • + Resists corrosion
  • + Stainless steel
  • – Nothing incredible
  • – Middle of the road

N695 Composition

Material Amount
Carbon 1.03
Si 0.48
Mn 0.44

 A standard heat treatment hardness rating of N695 is 59/61 HRC. The hardness rating of N695 after a standard heat treatment is ideally between 59 and 61 HRC.


Our Top Picks for N695 Steel Knives

Loveless Style Sendero Knife

Model Loveless Style Sendero Knife
Steel N695
Blade Length 4"
Overall Length 8.5"
Handle Material Micarta, Stainless steel pins, lanyard pin, stainless steel guard

Fashioned with renowned craftsmanship, the Loveless-style Sendero Knife with its N695 steel blade is more than just a tool; it's a statement of elegance, functionality, and exclusivity. Boasting an impressive 4" blade and 8.5" overall length, every aspect of this knife has been thoughtfully designed and meticulously crafted. The handle features Micarta, known for its durability and resistance to moisture, combined with stainless steel pins, a lanyard pin, and a stainless steel guard that adds both aesthetics and function.

The blade itself, made of N695 steel, promises a hardness and edge retention that complements its stunning appearance. Each Loveless Style Sendero Knife is a testament to the dedication of Thai knife makers, who blend traditional techniques with modern innovation. This knife is not just a practical tool for outdoor enthusiasts but a piece of art that symbolizes a rich heritage, technological mastery, and an uncompromising commitment to quality. Its design is suited for a wide array of tasks, from precise cutting to rugged outdoor use, making it a coveted item for collectors, hunters, and those who appreciate the fine art of blade crafting. It's not just a knife; it's a legacy.

Loveless-Style Baby Bear

Loveless Style Baby Bear handmade heirloom knife with red handle and satin polished n695 steel

Model Loveless-Style Baby Bear
Steel N695
Blade Length 8.5"
Overall Length 14"
Handle Material Micarta, Stainless steel pins, double stainless steel guard

A masterpiece and powerhouse--the Loveless-Style Big Bear is more than just a knife; it's an embodiment of strength, resilience, and elegance. With an impressive 8.5" blade length and a total of 14" in overall length, this knife stands out as the ideal accessory to your outdoor arsenal. Crafted from N695 steel, known for its corrosion resistance and high hardness, it promises lasting durability even in the harshest environments. The Micarta handle, accompanied by stainless steel pins and a double stainless steel guard, adds both beauty and functionality, ensuring a comfortable and secure grip.

This knife's impeccable artistry and quality ingredients are not mere details; they are the very essence of its character. Whether embarking on a daring mission, tackling challenging outdoor tasks, or adding to a collection of finely crafted blades, the Loveless-Style Big Bear stands as a symbol of mastery and adventure. Its presence speaks of confidence, readiness, and an uncompromising commitment to excellence. It's not just a tool; it's a companion that won't let you down, a statement of your rugged individuality and appreciation for the very best in knife crafting.


N695 is a quality steel, far superior to cheap options found at lower price points. It may not outperform the highest-end steels, but for the money, N695 steel might be one of the best choices for those looking to acquire quality knife steel that does the job, shows resilience, and can endure rough outdoor environments.

Consider its applications, whether in camping, hunting, or survival scenarios, and evaluate whether this steel meets your specific needs. For both enthusiasts and professionals, understanding the characteristics of N695 can guide your next purchase.