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Siam Steel Throwing Axe

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Sick of your league throwing axes breaking on you? Ya, wood will do that! 

Introducing the world's first Ironclad Axe from Old Siam. 

Our Ironclad Siam Axes are so tough, the world's worst axe throwers would be hard pressed to break them. It's like the Robert Strong (The Mountain) of'll die, but it'll take a lot of wood with it! Whoever said the phrase "don't judge a welder by his weld marks" clearly wasn't a good welder, but don't judge this axe based off that! It's as effective as it is brutal looking.

We are affectionately dubbing this axe, the Slopro! It'll take longer to destroy by those slower pros that struggle to find their axe throw for 3 d*mn league seasons!

While our axes are brutally strong and throw exceptionally well, they aren't indestructible. But they will bring your axe expenses down by 80% (or something like that). 

We said Ironclad, not invincible.

14" Handle 
4" Blade 
1" Diameter handle

850 grams (1.87lbs) overall weight (1.5lbs head)