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Falcata Sparta Hybrid Cross-Guard Knife

Siam Blades

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The perfect tool for light yard work or deep bushcrafting. Forged in Thailand.

  • Made to Order, 2-4 weeks queue time


Introducing the one handed Sparta/Falcata hybrid 15" knife with brass crossguard! This long yet well balanced blade is borderline blade/blade with a long reach for bushcraft brush clearing.  Impress with this long cutting blade inspired by the Falcata & Sparta blades from Rome. Truly a unique piece exclusively handmade in Thailand.

Purchasing this made to order blade starts the custom creation process, as no 2 blades will be identical.  Each blade is made new after point of purchase exactly for the customer, always in small batches. Purchase with confidence that we will work diligently bringing you an absolute beast of a blade.

  • Blade Length: ~15"
  • Blade Width: ~2.5"
  • Spine Thickness: 6mm
  • Handle Length: ~5-6"
  • Finish: Forge finish & Satin polished
  • Narrowing 3/4 Tang
  • Maker's Mark of Authenticity 

Art Knives 

  • Name: Khun Art
  • Hometown: Bangkok
  • Profession: Knife making
  • Loves: Knife making 
  • KhunArt is one of Thailand's up and comer blacksmiths to look out for. He's already amassed an impressive amount of blades crafted, all field tested by his clients in Thai farming industry. He's learned everything he knows from his father, who has over 50 years blacksmithing experience himself. Learning modern techniques thanks to the online knife making community in Thailand and globally, Khun Art is one of our favorite premier Thai blade brands

Siam Blades Art Knife

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