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Bladesport Chopper - Mastersmith Ajarn Kor Neeow (Bunthun Sitthipaisan)

Siam Blades

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If your next adventure is calling  for some deep woods bush whacking, then this is the blade for you.  The sturdy design will turn hard cutting and chopping into an easy task.  Expertly crafted and tested in the field, this blade is one that will last for generations.


  • 12" High Carbon Steel Blade (made from recycled leaf spring metal)
  • 4" Exotic Burma Padauk Wood Handle (reddish/brown)
  • Solid Brass Guard, Pin, Lanyard Pin & Pommel
  • Satin Grit Finish & Rustic Hammer Forge Marks
  • Maker's Mark of Authenticity 
  • Free Wood Sheath Included

This elegant and fully functioanl knife has been handmade from scratch by a Blacksmith with over 50 years experience making Knives in Thailand. The rare Burma Padauk wood is locally sourced, as is the reclaimed leaf spring steel.  The Chopper style shape is expertly forged and the tapered tang connects directly to the brass pommel for extra support.  A solid brass guard & pin secures this blade firmly in place.  A brass lanyard pin allows for easy rope attachment for safety. This blade will perform at high levels and chop through most thick wood with a great feeling handle.  

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