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Engraved Thai Bushcraft Chopper

Siam Blades

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Please be advised that this product will vary from the listed pictures. The original maker suffered an injury from a fall and is currently out of commission. All pending orders will be completed by our team of artisan bladesmiths based on this original model, in honour of our beloved maker with proceeds going to his recovery bills. New model pictures coming soon. 

Hand Forged 5160 Steel, Full Tang

Blade Length: 10" 

Blade Width: 2.5"

Handle Length: 5" 

Handle Material: Burma Padauk (Rosewood) 

Overall Length: 15" 

Mosaic Brass Pins

Unique Wood & Leather Combo Sheath included.

This gorgeous handcrafted blade is quite unique. Designed for competitive knife cutting in Thailand, it has a very sharp blade edge. Designed to chop through thick rope & boards yet has the finesse to slice loosely hanging paper or thin straws with very little effort.

Current Queue Time: 1-2 Months from date of purchase. 

Sporting a Rosewood handle with Mosaic brass pin and smaller accent pins. Full tang construction with a subtle clean grip.

The blade will be etched with traditional Thai markings inspired by Buddhist teachings.

A matching Rosewood wooden sheath fits the blade perfectly. For extra value and aesthetics, a leather carrying sheath has been handmade to fit around the wood sheath. Perfect for carrying into the jungle, forest or just in the backyard or garage!

Truly a masterpiece of a blade, built with pride and honour of a very talented Thai Blacksmith.


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