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Wanchana S-Grind Chef Knife

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Featuring the latest collection from Thailand's top chef knife maker, Wanchana Knives. This is a specialty custom made chef knife. It requires 2-3 months to perfect. Please consider purchasing this order a non-refundable custom made order.


Wanchana Knives are not only stylish, but also extremely functional. The s-ground 52100 stainless steel blade (S-Grind) is incredibly sharp, and tapers to the tip of the 9"" blade, providing flexibility and maneuverability when separating cuts from the face of the blade.

The knife is also feather-light in the handle, which is carved from stabilized Siamese Rosewood in Wanchana's signature style, and is extremely comfortable to hold. The polished then darkened steel bolster and black oxidized finish on the blade are the perfect contrast to the rosewood handle, completed by a fully disassembled narrowing tang that threads into the intricate pommel.

A truly masterpiece of Thai craftship and ingenuity worthy of the inspired Japanese makers Shigefusa, Takeda, Kohetsu. These Japanese makers are well known for their hand-forged knives, which feature wide hollows or "s-grinds" in the blade. This makes them ideal for a variety of tasks, from slicing and dicing to chopping and mincing. Plus, the added hollows make for easier sharpening and a longer-lasting edge.

So why wait? Get your hands on a custom Wanchana S-Grind knife by placing a custom order and allowing approximately 4-8 weeks for the artist to complete this stunning culinary tool.


In Action

  • Blade Length: 9"
  • S-Grind - This blade features what is commonly known as an S-Grind. A deep hollow is milled into the blade just above the edge. The result is a profile that, when looking down the knife from the heel, is roughly like an S.
  • Stainless Steel & 52100 Steel Damascus
  • Siamese Rosewood handle

Wanchana Knives 

  • Name: Khun Wanchana Kanrangsee
  • Hometown: Bangkok
  • Profession: Professional Knife maker
  • Heat treat method: Professional industrial grade, Oil quench, salt bath,  
  • Specialities: Japanese style chef knives, forging san mai chef knives., salt bath heat treatment.

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