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Thai Octagon Axe

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A gorgeous and uniquely crafted Thai Axe.

Featuring a one of a kind, 8 sided (Yes, 8!) Octagon 20" handle made out of Rare Thai Pterocarpus Indicus Heartwood. Handle has been hand carved using a blade and belt sander & sandpaper.

A hand forged high carbon steel axe head with a custom forge marking finish. Rugged with a polished sharpened edge. Snuggly fit into the hand carved handle. Featuring the Maker's Mark of Thai Made Authenticity.

Also available in the traditional rounded handle.  A round curved as all traditional axes possess.  Select Handle Variant: Rounded Grip Handle.

This axe has been masterfully hand crafted. Your purchase will help support a local blacksmith village and the maker's family.  

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