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Natural Sharpening Whetstones, Binsui Whetstones, Unique Business Cards, Thai Sharpening Wetstones, High Grit Axe Puck, Axe Sharp Stone EDC

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Use submerged in water

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High Grit Sharpening Binsui Whetstones, Natural Thai Stones mined locally. Pocket Size EDC. Credit Card Shape sharpening stone. Knives sharp. Axe Puck

3 grits available

GREY - 200 grit

RED - 400 grit

ORANGE - 600+ grit

Credit Card sized, .5" thick.

4" Length x 2" Width x .5" thick

These stones have been mined in the mountains of Thailand, hand picked and cut to shape. Very high grit, apply with water. Pocket sized


These make great business cards if you want to stamp your logo on them, give away as promotional items.

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