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Lotus Leaf Camp Knife

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  • STEEL: Pattern Forged Damascus; Stainless Steel SS410 & High Carbon SK5

  • Natural Hamon Polished from Professional Heat Treatment

  • Blade Length: 5.5" 

  • Handle Length: 4" 

  • Handle Material: Mai Pradoo Heartwood & Buffalo Horn from year 1997.

  • Brass Lanyard Pin

  • Blade Thickness: 4mm spine

  • Blade Width: ~2" 

  • Handmade leather sheath or Kydex available (not included)

The beautiful hamon of these Lotus Leaf Camp Knives is a pattern forged combination of layered SS410 Stainless Steel with High Carbon SK5 Steel. When polished, the natural hamon pattern shows the multiple layers in exquisite detail. The lightweight narrowing tang  is fixed with buffalo horn with epoxy to secure the handle in place & a brass lanyard pin.

The Mai Pradoo heartwood rounded handle with it's reddish brown hue is fashioned with a polished piece of authentic Thai Water Buffalo horn harvested in 1997. 

These light weight & well balanced camp knives are razor sharp and the perfected edge is long lasting.  The lotus leaf shape is a unique Thailand design similar to the Thai Dhab blades with lotus leaf shape, a classic design from Ancient Siam.

Siam Blades can commission bulk orders for restaurants & chefs, with a wide range of shapes & styles of chef knives, from Traditional to Japanese.  Please inquire with us if you are interested in a custom order & consultation. 

Priced Individually. (1 knife per order).