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Handmade Rattan Reed Mat

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100% Handmade by rural village ladies in Isaan, Thailand. Fair Trade prices for Thailand's best Hand Weavers. 


  • Made from Real Rattan Reeds (Palm Tree Fibre) 
  • Approx. 5.5 x 7 Feet square coverage (70" X 88")
  • Hand Sewn Carrying Handle

A cultural staple of families across Asia, these family sized floor mats bring people together, as they are commonly used as communal rugs for eating & lounging. Specifically in Thailand, if your host brings out a rattan mat, you know you're welcomed and about to feast or rest! 

This handwoven mat literally has hundreds of uses, it's just waiting for you to discover them all.  We've discovered the most immediate uses through real life cultural experiences in Thailand's lush countryside.  Great for camping, bushcrafting, beach lounging, picnics, accent rugs, home decor or even as yoga and workout mats.  


  • BUSHCRAFTING - Surface Mat, Makeshift Shelter, Shade.
  • CAMPING - Under Tent Floor Mat (keep the cold/dirt out, more durable than a Tarp), Sleeping Mat (sturdy construction, rigid yet comfortable)
  • PICNICS - Eating & Sitting Mat (much more durable than blankets)
  • BEACH LOUNGING - Keeps sand underneath and your towel sand free
  • HOME DECOR - Accent Rug, Dining Mat
  • GARAGE/SHOP MAT - lay your tools/blades out for cleaning


This item is already made and ready to ship. Can process shipment within 1 week, and international shipping takes 4-12 WEEKS from Thailand, with the occasional delay (due to customs).