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Thailand's Knife Cutting Competitions

3 times a year, Thailand's best knife maker's gather in fellowship with other knife enthusiasts.  Their works of art, in the form of some bad ass blades, are displayed for all to see, and to test in open competition.  It's a tight knit community, one that I had the privilege of attending in January & April of 2017.  


Above is video of the 1st place competitor in Aranyik, Ayutthaya, April 2017.  His flawless execution, only saw him miss a few points, and an impressive 8 & 7 strikes through the 2x4s.  My first two events weren't near as impressive, so I'll let you find those on the internet on your own.  Physical activity in over 40C heat, was surely my kryptonite. Being out of shape had nothing to do with it, since my knife was damn sharp!  Everyone was very kind and welcoming to the Yo Yak (giant) that went by the name, Hum Lae (again, look it up yourself).  I felt right at home, and even got challenged to a VS Speed Cut matchup with my new friend, Anupap. What a photo finish!  

The Thailand Knife Cutting Society, meets 3 times a year for open Blade Sport competition.  It's open to all, and a very cool event to check out if you're ever in the neighbourhood.  It's definitely off the beaten path, and you won't find many tourists here.

Yearly Knife Cutting Competitions & Locations in Thailand

    1. January - Khon San, Chaiyaphum
    2. April - Aranyik, Ayutthaya 
    3. August - Nakhon Ratchasima (Korat)

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